Study Table for Kids

Complete your child’s bedroom with a functional study area with our range of study table for kids, and chairs as well. Most of our designs come with integrated bookshelves, and many colors to choose from. All study tables and chairs are for sale and delivery in Singapore only. Professional assembly will be done on site upon delivery.

For parents desperately wanting to help their kids in concentrating better at their studies, there is nothing as effective as buying them a perfect study table and chair. Dchloe offers you a brilliant range of excellent study tables and chairs for your kids to choose from. Also, most of them come with integrated bookshelves. On top of that, they are available in many colors which is why it won’t be any difficult for you to find a perfect table for your kid.

Over the years, our study tables and chairs have proved to be pretty effective for many of the kids that are clearly reflected by the excellent improvement in their studies ever since they began to use our study tables and chairs. Dchloe study tables and chairs elevate the levels of productivity of your child to a massive extent and help one concentrate better on one’s studies. Buying a Dchloe table and chair is probably the best gift you can give your kid and of course, this will also, let you do your best to help your kid with one’s studies.

Most importantly, the Dchloe table and chairs aren’t expensive at all and they are available at a price close to the price of regular study table and chairs. So, why not get more at the same price?

Study Table for Kids

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Desk with movable cabinet, perfect companion to the ANDY Bed


A stylish desk with drawers & shelves, from the BYRON series.


A stylish desk with drawers & shelves. Perfect companion to the DUKE bed and other furniture of the series.


A desk with integrated shelving and cabinets to maximize space!


A desk with clean and minimalistic design


A study desk with mounted shelves on a vibrant colored backing


A study desk with mounted shelves on a vibrant colored backing


A desk from the PEANUT series

Princess Chair

This chair complements the Princess Table perfectly!

Princess Table

Add a touch of royalty to your child's room with this exquisitely designed table!