Single & Queen

Explore our range of single beds, available also in queen size. We ensure that the materials used are safe for your kids, complying with the highest quality standards. We are sure you will find a bed that your kids will love. All beds are for sale and delivery in Singapore only. Professional assembly will be done on site upon delivery.

We are pretty sure that you always want the best for your child which is why it’s pretty obvious that you would do your best for your kid’s comfort as well. It can’t get any better than getting a queen size bed for your kid, right? At Dchloe, we have a stunning range of the queen size beds of varying designs and with such an impressive range of beds, you can pretty easily find the bed of your choice.

Most importantly, we emphasize a lot on the safety aspect in terms of the material we use in our products as well as the design. All our beds are thoughtfully designed to ensure better safety and comfort. Also, we make them appear absolutely stunning for your kid’s in terms of the colors and designs. As a matter of fact, our queen size beds have been liked by many of our customers over the years because of the amazing comfort that they offer. Also, these beds are pretty durable. You can rest assured of the most pleasing experience with our queen size beds too as you get one.

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