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Explore our range of super single bed, available also in a super single size. We ensure that the materials used are safe for your kids, complying with the highest quality standards. We are sure you will find a bed that your kids will love. All beds are for sale and delivery in Singapore only. The professional assembly will be done on site upon delivery.

It’s never any difficult to understand the parents’ perspective on their kids’ comfort. Obviously, parents always want the best and safest products for their kids. Dchloe offers you an excellent range of single and super single bed of the highest quality. Also, we lay a lot of emphasis on using the safest material to offer your kids an unimaginable comfort. Over the years, we have been pretty persistent with the quality of our products and by now, customers see us as one of the most reliable and of course, innovative stores to buy beds from.

A lot of customers have tried our single bed as well as our super single bed over the years and the response has been simply outstanding as they found these beds to be unbelievably comfortable for their kids. From the pricing standpoint, our beds are pretty affordable and you can easily find the bed of your choice within your budget. Also, you can conveniently check out our various products from anywhere in Singapore by simply visiting our website and you can actually place an order without having to come all the way to our store.

Super Single Bed

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Ashley Toddler Bed

Toddler bed with mattress included. Available in white or pink.


Classic bed with mattress included

La Casata

A roomy playhouse, with bedding on top. Any child would dream to have this!