Bunk Beds and Loft Bed for Kids

View our selection of space-saving, quality bunk beds for kids and loft bed for kids. Customize each bed with your desired color, and various options like staircase with storage or ladder.

Additional pull-out bed or drawers can also be added on most bunk beds. All bunk beds and loft bed for kids are for sale and delivery in Singapore only. Professional assembly will be done on site upon delivery.

Are you one of those parents who want to make everything incredibly special for their kids? Well, if you are, you certainly are in the right place. We believe in making things a lot special for your kids as well. As a matter of fact, bunk bed Singapore based can be a lot more fascinating than you can possibly think of. At Dchloe, we not only offer you with the most wonderfully designed bunk beds for kids but also, offer you a wide space for customization in all aspects. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Ever since we started, We have been incorporating a whole lot of innovative features in our products and we have had a wonderful journey so far. Our innovative concept of bunk bed customization has helped us earn a lot of appreciations over the years. In fact, many parents have found this concept to be unimaginably effective for their kids as these beds have been thoroughly liked by their kids over the years. There’s nothing as pleasing as watching one’s kid feeling really happy and getting a Dchloe – bunk bed can certainly accentuate this happiness to a massive extent.

Bunk Beds for Kids

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Double decker bed with clean design and vibrant colors. You can add on storage drawers at the bottom, or a pull-out bed.


A double decker bed with refined finishing and comes built in with storage drawers on the bottom as well.


High quality bunk bed with options for staircase or ladder. Also has additional storage drawers or pullout bed.


A bunk bed with a staggered bed arrangement, complete with drawers and wardrobe for storage.


A bunk bed with a staggered bed arrangement, complete with a wardrobe for storage. You can add on drawers and pullout bed too.

DAVIS Bunk Bed

A bunk bed which has a built in wardrobe, and staircase/ladder to access the upper level.

Designer Double Bed

A double decker bed with a contemporary style that will blend well with any bedroom!


This bunk bed comes integrated with shelves great for storing books. At the bottom, is also a pull out bed! If you have 3 kids, this will be prefect!


A bunk bed for the girls, with beautiful floral designs. You can add on drawers and pullout bed too.


Sturdy bunk bed with modern flair