Baby Chair

Safety is the highest priority when it comes to our baby chairs. Built with child safe, eco-friendly, nontoxic PP materials, Our baby chairs are also tough and have high shock resistance. Seat belts with additional shoulder straps are available for greater safety. All our baby chairs meet the standards of European Child Safety Regulations.

Our Baby Chair different from other

Isn’t it cute to see your baby seated on a baby chair? It is certainly cute; however, it’s absolutely important to bear in mind the safety of the baby when choosing a baby chair. After all, all baby chairs are not equally safe. At Dchloe, we have excellent baby chairs made out of the most eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. Furthermore, most of our baby chairs come with a seat belt and additional shoulder straps for a better and emphasized safety.

Also, these chairs have been designed in a such a way that it ensures maximum comfort for your baby. We received many words of praises over the years from the customers who have already used these chairs. On top of that, the availability of these chairs at such an amazingly low price actually makes it quite feasible for anyone to get one of these lovely chairs for one’s baby. You can check out a wide range of baby chairs by visiting our website anytime.

Pouch Baby Chair

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Pouch Baby Chair K05


Multi-functional, foldable baby chair. Designed to be comfortable, safe and extremely stable.

Pouch Baby Chair K15


Multi-usage baby chair that can be used up to preschool age. Detachable seat can be used as preschool chair, and base can be used as a feeding high chair.