Beds with Wardrobe

If you need to maximize space in your child’s bedroom, this range of beds with wardrobe is certainly the best choice. Both single beds and bunk beds are available with attached wardrobe. Choose from a variety of vibrant colors and customizable options like additional drawers or pull-out bed. All beds with wardrobes are for sale and delivery in Singapore only. Professional assembly will be done on site upon delivery.

A wardrobe is one of those few important things that you certainly need in your Kid’s room. However, a regular wardrobe tends to consume a lot of space which is why we came up with our brilliant concept of beds with wardrobe. With our beds with wardrobe, you certainly have a lot of space for customization from choosing your favorite colors to adding additional features such as drawers or pull out beds. Over the years, a lot of customers found this concept to be absolutely amazing and on top of that, it adds to the beauty of your kid’s room pretty well.

Apart from being absolutely stunning, these beds with wardrobe are pretty affordable as well and you can’t possibly find such brilliant beds with wardrobe at such amazing prices anywhere else in Singapore. We continually strive to bring to you the most innovative products in terms of designs and functionalities to accentuate the beauty of your kid’s room. Also, we know it from our years of experience that your kids will greatly like it too. Many people have tried and liked our products over the time. Now, it’s your turn to experience the amazing difference!

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